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What Is Standby Heat Loss and Why Does It Matter?

Last updated 5 years ago

Have you ever used a faucet for hot water in your home, turned it off, and then turned it on later only to find that the water was cold? That’s one result of standby heat loss, which is essentially the heat that is lost when hot water sits in a water heater. Read on for more information about standby heat loss and why it is important to minimize it as much as possible.

Standby Heat Loss Occurs In Storage Water Heater Models

Unless a storage water heater is heavily insulated, standby heat loss will occur. This is because a storage water heater cannot by design store hot water and keep it hot for an extended period of time. Not only that, but conventional storage water heaters are designed to keep water hot regardless of whether it is used or not. This means that whenever hot water is not needed, the water inside a conventional tank will experience standby heat loss many times over.

Standby Heat Loss Increases Your Energy Consumption and Costs

Conventional storage water heaters will keep a certain amount of hot water so that it is always available as soon as somebody needs it. But this is inefficient, as hot water oftentimes ends up sitting in the tank, unused, while it loses heat. Once a certain amount of heat is lost, the water heater will re-heat it to make sure that hot water is always available even if it isn’t being used.

Standby Heat Loss Can Be Eliminated With a Tankless Water Heater

If you want to increase your energy efficiency by as much as 34%, switch out your conventional water heater for a tankless unit. Tankless water heaters will only heat water as it is needed. In addition to providing you with energy and cost savings, tankless water heaters last longer than conventional units.

Wholesale Tankless, Inc. carries a variety of tankless water heaters that will save you energy, space, and money. Call us at (877) 278-2253 or visit our website to learn more about the advantages of a tankless water heater and to browse our selection of Rinnai water heaters.


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